Wild Cats Species You Never Knew Existed

Wild Cats Species You Never Knew Existed

Who doesn’t love felines? From the house cats to the Savannah lion, they leave no one indifferent even when they might act differently. Their behavior and fur, you would think that they were specially designed to be cuddled. Even the biggest of them have the qualities of cuteness and beauty. Cats have been part of our daily lives for millennia, but there are dozens of wild feline breeds you don’t know. So, let’s have a quick overview of some super rare ones.

The Andes Cat – A Species Of Wild Cats

This adorable creature lives in the mountains of South America. So, you won’t find them easily, made even more serious due to their serious endangerment. They have a very developed hearing and a gray coat that allows for camouflaging itself quickly among rocks. It constitutes most of the Andes’ habitat.

Wild Cats Species You Never Knew Existed
Wild Cats Species You Never Knew Existed

Ruby Cat – A Species Of Wild Cats

It’s extremely tiny (1.5 kg on average), and is native to India and Sri Lanka. Additionally, it takes its name from rubiginosus, designating the rust color characteristic of the feline. It’s ideal for you to have as a pet. But alas! Their rarity greatly contributes to their distinction as a sub-species no one knows a great deal about generally.

Flathead Cat 

They’re wild cats from Southeast Asia, and they live in swamps. Moreover, its physique is perfect for this environment because it has small webbed legs to facilitate its displacements in water. This very rare “cat-fish” is an endangered species mainly because of the destruction of its habitat.

Biet Cat

Native to China and Mongolia, this large tomcat with thick fur is particularly resistant to the harsh conditions of the Gobi desert. It’s your defining variety that you dearly want to cuddle! But Central Asia is quite inaccessible. So, you’ll only see photos and videos of Biet cat anywhere.

Temminck Cat

Also known as the Asian golden cat, it’s an extraordinary feline. It’s bigger than a usual cat (between 9 and 16 kg), nearly three times the weight of a domestic cat, and it comes from Southeast Asia. Although not particularly threatened, the fear of destruction of its habitat as well as poaching.

Wild Cats (Felis Silvestris)

Everything is in the title, and the Felis Silvestris is simply the lambda wild cat. It’s the closest cousin of your sofa companion. There are some differences in all of them. But, no one should try to make them pets. It’s in the name itself, and you must respect their existence habitats in the best way imaginable.

Wild Cats Species You Never Knew Existed
Wild Cats Species You Never Knew Existed


Be careful! It’s just too cute even for a feline. Ocelot is a kind of mini-panther with beautiful spots. It comes from Central and South America, and it shares the same area of distribution as its big cousin, the puma.

However, some details nevertheless acquire a still greater degree of interest. It sleeps with its head resting on its front legs. These extend directly in front of it, like dogs. If you’re a cat owner, it’s unique among all felines.


It’s of the wild cats from South America, but a tiny one to tell the truth. Guigna is the smallest wild cat on this continent. It also looks like a panther, but which would weigh less than 2 kg. Finding it must refer to a surefire case of achievement. It can certainly fit it in your hand, which is probably something you always something from your cat.

Bay Cat   

This red cat is a definite mystery. It’s from the island of Borneo. But, all we know about is its size and his weight, and that’s about it. Nothing about its way of life or its reproduction and real research has been carried out. It is a reasonably wild animal, of which we only have photographs and some skeletons, a discreet kitty.

So, were you aware of any of these varieties? You can certainly start discovering about them through careful exploration on your part.

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