White Tiger: How Is It And Where Do They Live

White Tiger: How Is It And Where Do They Live

The spectacular white tiger is considered a national treasure of India, and in this article, we talk about this species.

The white tiger is not a different species of the tiger but is the result of a mutant recessive gene that replaces the natural color of the tiger (orange) through pigmentation.

If a white tiger is wanted, then two specimens with the recessive gene must cross.

It was proven by what happened in India in 1951 when a male tiger cub with a normal colored tigress and the young were born with the usual coloration. Subsequently, a female of these offspring was passed with the white male, and as a result, four white puppies were born.

White Tiger: How Is It And Where Do They Live
White Tiger: How Is It And Where Do They Live

Main Characteristics Of The White Tiger

The white tiger generally belongs to the subspecies of the Bengal tiger, although it can also belong to the Siberian tiger.

This animal is not entirely white. On its skin, it has dark-colored stripes (black, gray, or brown) that are unique in each specimen. However, it is possible to see a practically white tiger, and this occurs because that particular specimen developed an exceptional genetic condition.

As for its size, a white tiger can measure more than two meters, and even more, than three if we take into account the extension of its tail that usually measures 75 to 91 cms.

Although a white tiger can weigh 300 kg, its average weight varies according to sex. In the case of the male, it ranges from 180 to 226 kg, and in the female, it is between 136 and 181 kg.

As for their life expectancy, the male can live from 10 to 12 years, and females up to 16 years.

White Tiger: How Is It And Where Do They Live
White Tiger: How Is It And Where Do They Live

Where Do They Live?

The white tiger is found in Southeast Asia and in central and southern India, where they prefer to live in places that have dense vegetation and a large amount of water, so it is common to inhabit dense and humid forests, tropical forests, and mangroves.

Although it is an Asian animal today, it is possible to see specimens in zoos around the world, where they live in captivity.

What Does White Tiger Feed On?

The white tigers is a carnivorous animal and feed on any prey within its reach, especially deer, water buffalo, goats, cattle, and wild boars.

In the case of not finding this type of animal, then you will eat others, whether amphibians, insects, birds, fish, monkeys, and even young elephants.

He prefers to hunt his prey alone and at night so that his color does not stop him and his victim flee.

How Do They Reproduce?

The breeding period begins for the male from five years of age and females when they are about three and a half years old.

The whole year is conducive to the reproduction of the white tiger. However, it is common to do so between November and the beginning of April.

The gestation process lasts between 104 and 106 days, and per litter 2 or 3 offspring with a weight of 1 to 3 kg, each can be born.

He draws attention to the fact that it is the mother who takes care of all the care, even who gets them food.

Is White Tiger Threatened?

The answer is yes. There are only about 210 specimens worldwide. One of the main threats of the tiger bank is the man, who hunts it indiscriminately for the value of its color in the black market, or as a way to defend its cattle.

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