Top 5 Types of Africa Wild Cat

Africa Wild Cat

As the second-largest continent globally, Africa is also known for its ecological diversity from its landscape to its animal species. This article will focus on the Africa Wild Cat, one of the most ferocious feline breeds in our ecosystem.

Panthera Pardus

A lion sitting in a park

Commonly known as the Leopard, this cat is well-known for its distinct pattern on its fur. It is an opportunistic carnivore and can chase prey, such as the wildebeest and gazelles. You can visit them in person in the Londolozi and Moremi Game Reserves.

The Leopard has pretty short legs and a long body with a broad skull compared to other wild cats. Its fur has rosettes labeled. It sounds identical to Jaguar, but has thinner, lighter physical attributes and typically has thinner rosettes, more tightly packed and no center spots.

Panthera Leo

A lion looking at the camera

As they are one of the many animal species made famous by the movie Lion King, lions are also the second fastest land animal in the continent. Aside from their speed, they usually aim for bigger catches for food, such as rhinos and giraffes. Their home is the sub-Saharan region of Africa.

Lions are representations of power and bravery, and these qualities have been honored throughout history. Also, traditional symbols of kingdom and royalty, hence the term “jungle king.” For their size, control, and fierceness, ancient Egyptians venerated lions as their war diet.

Acinonyx genus

Being the fastest land animal around, Cheetahs usually hunt small and medium-sized prey such as gazelles and hares. Aside from that, they can weigh up to 72 kg and can hunt in groups. If you want to meet one in person, you can head to the Masai Mara National Reserve and Kruger National Park.

The Cheetah is known for its ability for speed. It has a lengthy, thin, muscular leg, a short, rounded head, a tight spin, a deep thorn, non-retractable claws, special traction pads, and a long tail.


This African cat is known as the Caracal, and its name comes from its unique black ears. Aside from weighing around 12 kg, their long legs allow them to leap up to 3 meters in the air. Aside from that, they can be found in India, the Middle East, and several Asia locations.

Their strong hunters are known as caracals. Caracals are supreme hunters, the quickest of African wildcats. Their bright sandy coats provide camouflage or cover and their steep fur coats make them almost invisible stalkers.

Felis nigripes

The last feline on this list is one of the small cats that are native to this continent. Its common name is called the Black-footed cat and is one of the smallest in the world. They can be spotted in South Africa and Namibia’s desert areas and grassy plains.

In this article, we learned that Africa Wild Cat could come in various shapes, sizes, and fur patterns. Whether they eat rodents or giraffes, they are an essential part of our ecosystem, and we should protect them. That way, we can help our grandchildren meet them face-to-face.

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