Tiger: Everything You Need To Know

A cat sitting on top of a leopard

The tiger is the largest of all wild cats. It has vertical black stripes on an orange coat. A male weighs 180 to 260 kg, while the tigress weighs only 130 to 160 kg. With a long tail that can go up to one meter, this animal can reach a size of 2.80 m. Its legs have very pointed claws and its very long canines measure 7.5 cm. Finally, at the withers, the tiger measures between 85 cm and 1 m.

His Place Of Life

The tiger lives in the forests and meadows of southern and eastern Asia. You can find tigers in countries like China, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Russia, etc.

Tiger: Everything You Need To Know
Tiger: Everything You Need To Know

Its Food

The tiger is a carnivorous animal. It most often eats herbivorous animals such as elk, wild boars, and buffaloes. The tigers, hidden close to the ground, wait for the best moment to surprise their prey.

The Reproduction

The tiger breeds in late fall, early winter, but also in spring. Tigers can mate several times a day. After 3 or 4 months of gestation, the female gives birth to cubs (and not tiglons, babies of a tiger and a lioness). A tigress gives birth, on average, 2 to 3 young. The litter can include up to 7 tigers in captivity and up to 6 cubs in the wild.

These cubs are blind for ten days after their birth. The tigers then leave their mother around 18 to 28 months. It is the young males who leave the group of origin first. When the tigress enters heat again, it gives up the rest of its litter.

Tiger: Everything You Need To Know
Tiger: Everything You Need To Know

Life Expectancy

An average tiger lives 16 years in the wild. But we can estimate its lifespan at 25 years when it is in captivity.

Its Shout

The tiger has a large repertoire of vocalizations that differ according to their uses. It cries, meows, rattles, hoarse, purrs, and roars. The roars can be heard three kilometers apart. Unlike other felines, tigers only purr when they expire.

Particular Signs

Each stripe of the tiger is unique and characterizes a specific individual. This scratch can be compared to our fingerprint.
The tiger is the most powerful of all cats thanks to its very muscular front shoulders. It also has very strong jaws and teeth.

On July 29, the International Tiger Day, also known as Global Tiger Day, was celebrated like every year, date to become aware of the conservation of this majestic species. With this in mind, we interview Sharad Vats, director of the Chitvan Jungle Lodge in Kanha, in India, to tell us his tricks to get to see tigers in the huge national parks of this Asian country.

Where Can We Find Tigers In India?

We can find them practically throughout the country, except in the northernmost tip and in the westernmost part, for example, Himachal, Punjab or Gujarat.

What Are The Best National Parks To See Tigers?

Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh, Tadoba, Kanha and Pench are good parks for tigers watching.

How Do Tigers Mark Their Territory? Are They Very Territorial Animals?

Tigers are extremely territorial creatures. They mark their territory by scratching the trees or the ground, marking with their urine and sometimes rubbing their bodies against the earth.

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