The Tiger – In 8 Unusual News About It!

The Tiger - In 8 Unusual News About It!

Have you ever seen a tiger up close? I found the ones in zoos as the perfect embodiment of nature. Brutality and beauty mix to create something magical and never gets old.

But, alas! Humans have pushed these majestic beasts to the very brink of extinction. A lot of efforts are ongoing to preserve them. But, people continue to hunt it down in various parts of the world. Such destructive attraction is of no good.

What we can do is communicate some facts about the tiger. It’s an exercise to appreciate things around us, which we’ll sorely miss once they are no more.

Death-Proof Legs Of The Tiger!

The legs of tigers are so sturdy that they can continue to support the animal even when it is dead. So, refrain from hunting them! It’s for your safety as they’ll remain standing even at death’s door. All in all, it’s quite tragic, to be honest.

The Biggest Cats

They are the most imposing of the big cats, and weigh up to 300 kilos!

We realize their impressive stature better when we place a human next to them, as in the photo above. Or, you can see for yourself when you encounter one.

Baston Of Looks

If your path crosses with this formidable predator, dare to challenge it with your eyes! If you’re not just running away, you can’t stop looking at it.

The Tiger - In 8 Unusual News About It!
The Tiger – In 8 Unusual News About It!

Tigers also prefer to hunt in ambush. You won’t notice them unless they want you to. Also, did you know that the only possibility for your safety is when a tiger is already full? In both cases, momentary glimpses are all that there’s to it.

The Tiger Are Nicer Than Lions!

Unlike their cousins, lions would fight for the right to prey until one dies. Tigers are likely to share the fruit of their hunt with one of their own. Say what you will, but that’s some great forethought.

While hunting in a group, the males will wait for the females and the young to feed first before starting to eat. It truly shows how awesome they are.

The Tiger Does Not Naturally Attack Humans

As superior in strength as it is, a tiger will not attack a man unless it feels threatened or completely hungry. While meeting a tiger in the wild, you must move slowly away while keeping eye contact with it. It’s the best way to escape!

A Reverse Side Of A Tiger’s Paw Can Kill You

As we said, the legs of this feline are mighty. A single blow can be enough to break the skull or spine of a bear, even if the tigers favor their jaws to break the neck of their victims.

They Have An Incredible Short-Term Memory!

Generally speaking, cats have better short-term memory than any other animal (including humans). This memory is several hundred times better than that of dogs and several dozen times better than that of primates.

Their short-term memory lasts 30 times longer than that of humans, while more robust synapses consolidate their minds.

Just A Roar Of Can Paralyze You!

Tigers can produce sounds below the frequency of 20 hertz. We call this infra-sound because it lies below the range of sounds that one can perceive. Scientists believe that it is the combination of low rates and the high volume of roar that can cause this paralysis.

The Tiger - In 8 Unusual News About It!
The Tiger – In 8 Unusual News About It!

Tigers truly deserve their place as a majestic entity of the jungle. With every ounce of realization, humans should try their best that they occupy their spot again. You can find many different causes working for them. So, get on with it!

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