The African White Lion: The Legend - The African White Lion: The Legend -

The African White Lion: The Legend

The Legend Of The African White Lion

Is African white lion a legend or a reality? I assure you that this is not a legend, but an actual reality. The white lion exists, and it’s one of the rarest felines. Another fun fact is it has a form of genetic mutation from the Transvaal lion, or the Panthera leo Kruger.

An Endangered Species

Associations for the protection of wild animal life are fighting for it to be considered an endangered animal, and are threatened with extinction for decades. However, awareness for the lion is deficient, because many don’t believe it exists.

The White Lion: A DNA Mutation

Fascination throughout the whole world exists for a reason. You may think it’s just a case of albinism, but that’s certainly not the truth. White lions represent the subspecies, which you’re probably aware of. They have a mutation in their DNA that alters pigmentation. Do you know what the condition is actually? It’s leucism, and this occurs uniformly across all these creatures.

The Legend Of The African White Lion
The African White Lion: The Legend

Albino lions are different from them through visual indicators themselves. If you encounter both of them, you’ll notice how devoid of any color except for white the former is. They strike out differently than white lions do who have darker areas around the nose, behind the ears, and around the eyes.

Despite this, in the wild, these beasts number around just 20. In comparison, conservation efforts have raised the population to about 300 in captivity. Don’t you think this should continue?

The White Lion Of Timbavati!

Occasionally, you can meet the white lion in the wild in the south of Kruger National Park and the Timbavati Reserve. Both of them are now just one big area into consideration!

The Legend Of The African White Lion
The African White Lion: The Legend

In 1938, Europeans first encountered the white lion in Timbavati. However, you wouldn’t know their species became widely known until about 1975.

Local communities, the Sepedi, and the Tsonga regarded them as “the most sacred animals on the African continent.”

Their uniqueness is the reason for such treatment. But, many in the region believe they’re incarnations of the Sun god, as well as historical figures from different tribes. Contrary to belief, it helped in preserving their population for a long time. Would you kill a super rare creature if you knew it was a reincarnation you admire very much?

Mia And The White Lions: The Film To Watch

“Mia et le lion blanc,” a wonderful film, tells the story of a ten-year-old girl who adopts a lion cub, Charlie. Growing up by her side, she discovers one day that her feline friend risks being sold to become a hunting trophy.

Have you watched it? If not, you most definitely should. It’s something that evokes the status of these creatures in the wild. You may also invest greatly on your behalf for their conservation.

Meet The White Lions In South Africa

Would you like to discover these superb white lions in their natural habitat? South African Travelers, a local French-speaking agency based in Cape Town specialized in tailor-made trips to Southern Africa, will be happy to organize the safari of your dreams, don’t hesitate any longer, contact us!

So go ahead, contact us, our rangers will help you organize a dream safari in the superb and unforgettable Kruger National Park. Who knows? You will meet the king of lions, the white lion!

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