Leopard: 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About It

A cat that is looking at the camera

Leopard is known to be one of the most beautiful animals in the world. A fierce wildcat that establishes its habitat mostly in Africa and who is smarter than it seems. Unfortunately, it is an animal that is in danger of extinction because of human beings. That’s why we want to defend this living being and show five curious facts that you didn’t know about him.

They Hardly Need Water

One of the most peculiar characteristics of this type of animal is that they do not need to hydrate much. As they absorb most of the liquid from their prey when they devour them.

Leopard-5 Facts You Didn't Know About It
Leopard-5 Facts You Didn’t Know About It

Agile And Fast

It is noted that the leopard is one of the fastest animals that exist in the world. A specimen can reach 58 kph in a few seconds. But speed is not everything, and these cats can jump 3 meters vertically and up to 6 meters horizontally. It is also an animal that develops wonderfully in the water.

A Lonely Animal

Generally, leopards like to isolate themselves from other members of their species. A solitary animal that marks its territory with urine to prevent other animals from approaching and have them restricted. They use the technique of marking the bark of trees with their claws, an aspect that denotes the strength of the animal. Of course, the females with which they are going to mate have a VIP pass to their territory.

Why Do Leopard Have Spots?

Perhaps the most prominent feature of a leopard is the spots. A coat is different from the rest in which these small formations are known rosettes as it has the resemblance of roses. It should be noted that this peculiarity is different in each species and that even the fearsome black panthers integrate them into their skin.

A Very Fine Ear

Another of the great qualities of the leopard resides in the ear. These animals have an impressive hearing ability that allows them to detect any movement and even the vibrations of other animals. If we compare it with human beings, these animals can hear five times more sounds than they reach us.

Leopard-5 Facts You Didn't Know About It
Leopard-5 Facts You Didn’t Know About It

Leopard’s Habitat

In addition to living in sub-Saharan Africa, we can find leopards in the Arabian peninsula, Turkey, Sinai desert, India, Russia, China, the Himalayas, and even in the islands of Sri Lanka. They are considered the most adaptable giant cats in the world, as they can inhabit both mountains and plains, tropical forests such as savannas, coasts, savannas, deserts, and other climatic regions.

What do leopards eat?

Like the rest of the wildcats, the leopards are carnivorous but very greedy that eat all that animal that is in the surroundings like antelopes, baboons, gazelles, birds, amphibians, wild boars, rodents and even babies of other felines.

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