Do You Know The Wonderful Exotic Cats?

Do You Know The Wonderful Exotic Cats?

It is no coincidence that when someone sees exotic cats, they confuse it with the Persian cat. Their closest relative, because it maintains almost all its characteristics except having long fur. The exotic cat is an artificial breed, but over the years, it has achieved a great character and appearance that make it the perfect animal to have at home. In fact, since 1967, it is accepted as a pure race.

This cat emerged from crossing the British short hair, the American Shorthair, and the Persian cat in 1966, thanks to Jane Martin, a breeder, and judge of feline breeds.

This cat is not as well known as the Persian, but thanks to the beautiful qualities of its hair, among them that produces less allergy than that of other cats, it has begun to gain much popularity.

Do You Know The Wonderful Exotic Cats?
Do You Know The Wonderful Exotic Cats?

Features Of Exotic Cats

The exotic cats have a rounded, muscular body with short legs. Its nose is very flat, its eyes are round, and its small ears make it have a face full of sweetness. It can weigh up to 6 kilos, but it is not a very large cat. Besides, it boasts a dense hair that does not need many brushes. It can vary from a single color (white, black, orange, or cream) to several colors such as tabby or tabby, bicolor (usually combined with white), the mottled, and tricolor among other patterns.

What catches the attention of these felines is their character. They are calm but at the same time, curious cats. They love to play and are compatible with other animals and children as they always seek the attention of their owners and find it in the little ones of the house.

If you liked what you have read about the exotic cat, then we invite you to stay with us because we will tell you more curiosities about this exotic feline breed.

Do You Know The Wonderful Exotic Cats?
Do You Know The Wonderful Exotic Cats?

Exotic Cat Shows

It appeared for the first time in 1967 at the cat shows under the name of an exotic shorthair cat.

An Ideal Character Of Exotic Cats

Exotic cats are playful, fun, and very friendly. Also, they don’t mind spending time with other cats or animals.

Dependents Of Their Owners

The only thing less good that we should clarify is that it doesn’t like to spend time alone. If you go on vacation, find someone you trust to take care of the cat.

Hair Care Of Exotic Cats

Its short, dense, and soft hair does not require much care. With frequent brushing to remove dead hairs will suffice.

Clean Your Eyes

It is essential to clean its eyes with gauze and warm water since the shape of these causes it to get dirty quickly with dust or litter. 

Need To Have Fun

It is a very playful cat, so you will have to take advantage of the time you spend with it to play together. Use sticks, balls, or whatever you like best.

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