8 Curiosities Of The Asian Leopard Cat You Didn’t Know

A leopard standing on a rocky hill

You may have seen a cat on occasion. If you are not real douche in the animal universe, you may have confused even with a leopard or cheetah calf. Quiet if you have seen him walk your neighbor because, indeed, it is a cat. Most likely one of Bengal or Bengali, the breed that we will discover below with these nine curiosities about Asian leopard cat:

1. Origin Of Asian Leopard Cat

In the ’60s, someone decided to cross a leopard cat, of Asian descent, with a domestic one with an intricate aesthetic. Still, it was not until 1991 when the TICA (The International Cat Association) recognized it as a breed.

8 Curiosities Of The Asian Leopard Cat You Didn't Know
8 Curiosities Of The Asian Leopard Cat You Didn’t Know

2. Fur

Its color, between ocher, yellow, and orange, is what attracts the most attention. Mix stripes that resemble tigers with spots or rosettes in classic dark brown tones of wild animals such as leopards. But it is also a very soft and delicate coat, although it is also quite short compared to other breeds.

3. Character Of Asian Leopard Cat

The Bengali cat maintains certain similarities in its style with some of its distant relatives, such as tigers or leopards. It has that wild and curious spirit and needs a lot of freedom of movement since it is an animal that needs to exercise and play, but it is also calm and affectionate as a good part of domestic cats.

4. The Eyes Of Asian Leopard Cat

They are, next to the skin, their most particular physical detail since they are wonderful. They always throw in tones that vary around honey, touching a good part of the chromatic variety of greens.

Physical: they are muscular cats, with ideal physicists for sports, as you can see if you have the opportunity to see them jump. A Bengali cat can go without problems up to 6-8 kilos since its bone constitution is also massive.

8 Curiosities Of The Asian Leopard Cat You Didn't Know
8 Curiosities Of The Asian Leopard Cat You Didn’t Know

5. They Love Outdoor Areas

If you have an Asian leopard cat, it is convenient that it be in a house where you can provide an open space in which to play, browse, and spend energy. Keep in mind that, even if it is sociable, it is mischievous, so it is better to give it space to get it fired.

6. They Like Water

It has to be sure his most special curiosity since there are not many cat breeds that like water. One of the few is that of the Bengal cat, which usually takes advantage of any puddle to get wet. In this, it looks a lot like the Asian leopard cat, which stands out for being a great fisherman.

7. Food

They are animals that like to eat, and since they are very active, their diet should be rich in protein. Of course, be consistent with what the veterinarian recommends and the lifestyle that the animal leads.

8. Special Meow

Experts in this animal point out that their meow is different from most domestic cats, so it should be known not to get a good scare at the beginning of living together. It is a short and closed meow, which almost resembles some wild animals.

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