5 Mythical Cats Around The World

5 Mythical Cats Around The World

The five mythical cats in the world were not always pets. They weren’t dear to people, and the internet did not clamor for what they were doing. Although the ancient Egyptians idolized these felines, other cultures made legends where they represented them as demonic beings. These became capable of everything with the sole purpose of ruining the lives of humans.

These stories tended to project the attitude and vibe of the cat. Do you know one yourself?

If you do, then you may find one below. These are some terrifying urban tales and legends starring mythical cats in cultures from various parts of the world.

Bakeneko Mythical Cats

In Japanese mythology, the Bakeneko is born as an ordinary cat. However, when it’s about to turn 12 or 13 years old, it develops supernatural powers and begins to walk on its hind legs. Besides, it can understand what the owner is saying and communicates with him.

However, there is a sad part of this legend. Most Bakenekos are evil beings. They get to the point of devouring their owners and replacing them in everyday life. Can you imagine the horror if it became true? However, there are Bakenekos of noble nature who are more pleasant and mostly predisposed to dancing with hats upon their heads. Despite their kind nature, they often cause problems because the tails are so powerful that they tend to burn everything they touch.

5 Mythical Cats Around The World
5 Mythical Cats Around The World

In reality, this legend had its negative side. In the past, many old cats in Japan were abandoned for fear of becoming Bakenekos. The worst thing is that some owners came to cut the tails of cats so as not to run the risk of burning something when they transformed into this mythological being.

The Gatonejo Among 5 Mythical Cats

Joseph Train was the first to describe the figure of the cat after a visit to the Isle of Man, located between Ireland and England. The original name of this animal is a cabbit (a mixture of the English terms Cat and Rabbit, which means cat and rabbit respectively), and physically it would be the combination of both species.

However, experts point out that a hybrid of this type is impossible. It’s more likely that Train had spotted a feline species of the Manx race. This breed is characteristic for longer hind legs, which makes its walk very curious, similar to that of a rabbit.

In the 1970s, a character named Val Chapman said he had captured a jigsaw, and even presented the animal on a television show and exhibitions. Shortly after, people came to know that it was an ordinary cat with multiple genetic abnormalities. However, it did not prevent people from believing in the existence of Gatonejos.

Cait Sith

The Cait Sith is a cat the size of a calf characteristic for being black, except for a white spot on its chest. In Scottish and Irish folklore, where it came from, its name means “cat fairy,” but in reality, it has nothing in common with fairies.

In Scottish mythology, the belief is that Cait Sith was a witch with the ability to transform into a cat. After achieving this transformation, he stayed that way for life. The reason is that, when a black cat hovered near a dead person, the legend said that the witch had gone to look for her soul.

5 Mythical Cats Around The World
5 Mythical Cats Around The World

Interestingly, in Scottish territory, there was a wild cat that matches the characteristics of the Cait Sait. They call it Kellas cat, a feline that cannot be tamed and was a cause of terror for many years. In the wake, it was a tradition to avoid fire and heat so as not to attract the witch.

Their primary source of food was the cacti of the region that supposedly bewitched. People say that the water of these cacti ended up fermenting and emitting a sound similar to that of a drunk monster howling at night. It also used to attack the cowboys, who would have been responsible for exterminating him.

Troll Mythical Cats

In Scandinavian folklore, people believe that these cats were witch helpers and that they had made them from splinters, wool, and socks. The ritual was complemented by three drops of blood from the sorceress, giving rise to this evil servant to help her with her evil.

Their main task was to steal milk from the region. Since the bodies are made of wool, they absorbed it to take it to its creator. The belief is that people defeated the trolls cats by making a hole while they were full of milk so that the liquid ended up empty. Thus, the witch herself felt the wound.

Some people benefited from this legend, mainly the gypsies who used to poison cattle and hide lying trolls on the property. Then they offered to capture the animal in exchange for a reward.

Guardians Of The Beyond

In Ancient Egypt, the belief is that cats were mystical beings, the belief that ended up being transmitted to the Romans when they conquered the region. Since then, the theory went through diverse cultures until it ended with the Celts, who considered the guardian cats of the other world.

Have you ever heard about these five mythical cat legends or stories? If not, it’s of hope that you find them valuable and interesting.

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