5 Curious Facts About Albino Lion

5 Curious Facts About Albino Lion

There is a great deal of talk about an Albino lion. It is a beautiful animal with a rare mutation of color, which is a significant fact to know. Their presence is primarily in the Timbavati area of South Africa. They breed selectively in various zoos, and some African beliefs elevate it to a divine animal.

But, the truth is that they hide unique singularities that’ll interest you very much. Let’s see some curious facts about white lions.

Why Are They White?

The characteristic white color comes from a recessive color inhibitor gene. It is because of a genetic mutation that, although we believe they are white, generally turns their fur into a light brown.

What Is Its Habitat?

These lions usually live in Africa, specifically in the western region of Timbavati, South Africa. We see them in the clearings where they can camp at ease, and enjoy a relatively dry climate.

Did They Hunt Them?

Yes, Europeans saw this breed and became interested in it. In the 70s, they went to South Africa and hunted them for their rarity in value. For years, exploitation of the young cubs took place in captivity. It is something everyone should fight against, and look for their restoration within the ecosystem.

5 Curious Facts About Albino Lion
5 Curious Facts About Albino Lion

Are There Many Albino Lion?

There are not many white lions. Establishing an amount is somewhat complicated because some are raised in captivity and do not just have the records you’d need. In general, there are less than 300 white lions from around the world.

What Are The Characteristics Of An Albino Lion?

White lions adapt themselves to hunt, and this is why many people are fascinated by them. They are true carnivores and feed on other animals, such as giraffes, buffalo, zebras, wild pigs, and antelopes. So, anything that may walk can serve as their food.

They usually run and jump to catch their prey well with their great weight. Males weigh between 180 and 251 kg, but females weigh about 180 kg. So, don’t try and get beneath them. You may get crushed completely!

5 Curious Facts About Albino Lion
5 Curious Facts About Albino Lion

Social Structure of An Albino Lion

Social Life

The Albino lion is a gregarious animal and lives in a clan of several individuals. It is territorial and becomes aggressive towards intruders.

Hunting Technique

White lions hunt their prey mainly at night or at dawn or dusk when temperatures become more relaxing.

This wild cat eats an average of 7 kg of meat per day, but sometimes it eats up to 40 kg in one go if the hunting has been successful. It can go on without eating for several days.

The hunting technique of white lions is similar to African lions.

Hunting is not a risk-free activity for white lions. Buffalo, horned zebra, or giraffe horn blows can be fatal in some cases.

So, do you want to know more about white lions? Things like where you can find them, and meeting them even more so.

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