4 Exotic Cats Breeds That You’ll Marvel At

4 Exotic Cats Breed-Plenty Of Varieties

Cats, by nature, are magnificent creatures. Even when they reach their old age, cats still seem tender and juvenile, showing the world how beautiful breeds of exotic cats are.

Nevertheless, in this article, we have highlighted for you four breeds of exotic cats. So, let’s get on this furry adventure with some interesting breeds!


The Sphynx, also known as the Egyptian cat, became widespread in the late 1970s. Due to a general lack of hair, their unique look has enjoyed a great deal of popularity.

4 Exotic Cats Breed
4 Exotic Cats Breed-Plenty Of Varieties

Sphynx tend to have a social and gentle temperament with their guardians upon whom they depend and, in return, show affection. What is somewhat unknown, is the fact that this cat has recessive genes. Besides, it’s still covered with a thin layer of hair but is almost invisible at first sight. So, contrary to what you may think, your allergic friends may still suffer when they visit your home!

The mystical aura is also undeniable. Have you seen a Sphynx’s head? Doesn’t it seem a little unnaturally short in comparison to the rest of its body? But the main attraction is in its eyes, which shall certainly induce you in a state of hypnosis. They’re large and creepy, but that’s where exactly lies all the wonder.

Nevertheless, you need to keep your house warm, as well as make something of cushions for Sphynxes. Then, you’re good to go.

Scottish Fold – Exotic Cats

The Scottish fold breed is, as its name suggests, originally from Scotland. You might think they’re extremely cute as they often have very small folded ears and are of a very comely appearance. They’re the result of crossbreeding. You’ll probably notice their similarities with the Swedish Susie, as well as the British Shorthair. However, all such information won’t even matter to you once you lay eyes on this beauty.

4 Exotic Cats Breed-Plenty Of Varieties
4 Exotic Cats Breed-Plenty Of Varieties

Also, there’s a plus point! Calm and friendly is a combination you won’t generally hear when referring to cats. When they say loving pets are truly something wonderful, you’ll believe them fully if you’ve got a Scottish Fold around your home. Your children and belongings are safe with this variety. It is a cat that most owners can only dream about.

Ukrainian Levkoy

Do you want to get a bit adventurous with your cat selection? Then the Levkoy is ideal because the first of its breed arrived in 2014. Also, can you believe that they managed to crossbreed a Sphynx and Scottish Fold? Because that’s what this cat is!

If you’re a fan of the macabre, then it’s physical characteristics certainly evoke a feeling that you truly want to experience. It’s like a miniature version of an Egyptian deity once it appears before in half-light. With the angular shape of the face, folded ears, and many other characteristics, it’s a great find for any cat enthusiast out there.

However, you are in for a surprise. The Levkoy is calm and temperamental with almost everyone it comes into contact with. It seems that this is almost a perfect combination with the best of both breeds coming to the forefront. But, you won’t find one very easily, and they also demand a very high sum when you get to a Ukrainian Levkoy.

Savannah – Exotic Cats

Savannah is truly the exotic cat par excellence. A descendant of the African servals, you’ll see that it has patterns just like a leopard or a panther.

However, it’s also different! Large ears with long legs create a mixture that you’ll surely want you around your home. But did you know that they’re very loyal? It’s the best option if you’re not a ‘dog person,’ but want to feel safe in your home. The lethal combination with its looks and loyal temperament will take care of it very well.

There are many other breeds of exotic cats, which you may explore. A combination of many different things surely attracts you. So, don’t repress yourself to relate to what you exactly want.

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