10 Curiosities Of The Incredible White Tiger

10 Curiosities Of The Incredible White Tiger

The incredible white tiger is considered a national treasure of India. In this article, we will tell you ten interests or curious facts about white tigers that will surely surprise you.

Before we begin, we would like to tell you that the white tiger is not a different species of tiger. It’s the result of a mutant recessive gene that replaces the natural color of the tiger (orange) through pigmentation.

1. Huge Beasts

They measure approximately 3 meters long and weigh about 180 to 285 kg. As one of the largest mammals, they’re undeniably a spectacle, which you can’t deny.

2. Children Of Bengal Tigers

The white tigers are children of Bengal tigers. However, in rare cases, the mutation may also occur Siberian tigers. They commonly bear an unusual gene needed for white coloring.

3. Not Many Years Of Life

As for their life expectancy, the male can live from 10 to 12 years, and females up to 16 years.

4. Where Does The White Tiger Live?

The white tiger is found in Southeast Asia, as well as in central and southern India. They prefer to live in places that have dense vegetation and a large amount of water. So, it’s common for you to explore dense and humid forests, forests Tropical and mangroves if you want to find one.

5. What Do White Tiger Eat?

Like Bengal tigers, they are solitary and predatory animals. They eat any animal that is within their reach, such as peacocks, deer, wild boars, etc.

At the time of hunting, this variety of tiger goes out at night. They won’t get noticed, and the prey gets surprised.

6. Reproduction Of White Tiger

The breeding period begins for the male from five years of age, and females when they are about three and a half years old.

Generally, you need to know that the whole year is conducive to the reproduction of the white tiger. However, it’s usually common for them between November and the beginning of April.

The gestation period lasts between 104 and 106 days, and per litter, 2 or 3 offspring with a weight of 1 to 3 kg each can be born.

But a curious fact is the fact that it’s the mother who solely provides attention to cubs, even going out to get them food.

7. Good Swimmers, Lousy Climbers

The white tiger is a good swimmer, but a very poor climber.

10 Curiosities Of The Incredible White Tiger
10 Curiosities Of The Incredible White Tiger

8. Species

There are four other subspecies of tiger that are Siberian. Other hail from southern China, Indochina, and Sumatra.

9. Not Quite White

This animal is not entirely white. On its skin, it has dark-colored stripes (black, gray, or brown) that are unique for every individual one. It also has blue eyes and a pink nose.

However, it’s impossible to see a white tiger practically, and this occurs because that particular specimen developed a unique genetic condition.

10 Curiosities Of The Incredible White Tiger
10 Curiosities Of The Incredible White Tiger

10. Endangered

White Tiger is highly valued in the black market for its color. It makes many poachers throw themselves into the forest to hunt them because they know they will earn a lot of money. Although hunting is prohibited, due to the high prices, the hunting this animal is still very prevalent. Because it is a type of tiger that has high value and not very common, one could say that it is an animal species that is in danger.

Hence, many professionals want to keep this gene alive so that it does not disappear. Now, we only need to see if white tigers manage to survive in freedom, or we will only be able to see them in captivity.

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